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Description of FreeBitcoin 2.0

BitCoinGuide is a advanced Freebitcoin APP, feel free to experiment it.

FreeBitcoin Super light, super fast! Earn Bitcoin for free was never that easy and fast. The future came with the most valuable global virtual currency.

How to use:

1. Create a virtual bitcoin wallet (if you do not have yet), here:

2. Type your e-mail, password and the bitcoin address (from yourvirtual wallet).

3. Log in.

4. Click on green button [CLAIM YOUR FREE BTC NOW!]

5. Click on "(I'm not a robot)” you can change Captcha image in “ReCaptcha Version”, answer the Captcha and click on blue button [ROLL].

6. It is everything you need to do.Hope you earn a lot. Done! Easy like that. Yours bitcoins will be in your wallet every sunday after the automatic transfer from this app (FreeBitcoin 2.0) , or you can send manually by clicking on Withdrawl button.

-----Developer's Tip-----

Invite your friends (there are some hiperlinks on REFERS section) as you earn 50% of all earnings of them. Good luck!

3. Be aware of the new functionality called "Rewards", it is a tab present on top where you are able to get gifts, giftcard, upgrades and bitcoins as well.

Bitcoin is a virtual money that was invented in 2009.

Bitcoin is the main virtual money on market nowadays.

Bitcoin has the concept of safe, easy and fast transaction between 2 persons.

Bitcoin is getting rare and valuable as the time pass.

Bitcoin is the most valuable virtual money on market.

There are many ways to convert bitcoin to dollar, other currencies and virtual currencies.

Bitcoin can be trade on trading markets to others altcoins and currencies.

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